Scotland’s Workshops – user survey

Fri 13 August – Wed 1 September

We would like to ask you for your valued input to inform us here at Scotland’s national production facilities. This survey has been sent to you from the 11 nationally-funded art production organisations to ask you to help create a picture of the country’s current visual arts practice. You may have received this more than once through the different facilities mailing lists. Working together to improve the sector for artists, we are asking you to take twenty five minutes to tell us about yourself, if and how you engage with our facilities and characterise your recent months of working.

All feedback is anonymous and will help us to to plan to meet the needs of artists – by understanding better how you do or might use our facilities – and why they are important to you. The information we collect will also really help us create a picture of visual art in Scotland just now, to lobby for support for the sector alongside organisations such as the Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN).

Thank you so much for taking the time to input – it’s very much appreciated and ultimately, we hope this insight will ultimately benefit you and everyone that contributes to making Scotland’s visual arts thrive.

If you require it in a different format or need assistance to complete please email

The survey will close on Wednesday 1 September 2021. You can access it here –

an artist in blue overalls and safety goggles and gloves is standing next to a metal bin with smoke coming out as they carry out Raku Firing at SSW