Our spaces: Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print Studio is an internationally renowned centre for printmaking, dedicated to the advancement and promotion of fine art printmaking through excellence, innovation and accessibility.

“Amazing community of generous artists sharing skills, ideas and support that feeds into my work constantly.”

Glasgow’s international reputation within the contemporary arts has grown significantly and Glasgow Print Studio has been integral to this; providing excellent facilities, supporting emerging artists and ensuring the continued relevance of fine art printmaking.

The studio is both a custodian of traditional printmaking techniques and an innovator in the adaptation and development of printmaking; embracing digital technologies to suit the demands of contemporary artistic production. The galleries provide a platform for contemporary artists, local, national and international to both exhibit and sell their work both in store and online.

A culture of creative learning prevails in the organisation. It is evident in the comprehensive learning programme that extends from access to master classes, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of learners, and fully embraces the ethos of the workshop nurturing a community of artist members.

“(GPS) provides me with space and equipment that I need in order to produce ambitious large-scale work. I appreciate GPS’s support of Poster Club, a collaborative project that I started in 2010.”

Our vision is underpinned by four strategic aims:

  • To maintain distinction as an international centre of excellence for printmaking dedicated to quality production, innovation and experimentation; embracing new technologies to inspire and lead contemporary artistic production.
  • To advance the development and promotion of printmaking in Scotland and support Scottish based artists through our print publishing and exhibitions programmes, through representation at international art fairs and by sales of their work to public and private collections.
  • To provide an environment where everyone can engage in the visual arts and participate in printmaking, embracing lifelong learners and make a contribution to individuals well being and skills development.
  • To preserve Scotland’s printmaking heritage through the transferring of traditional skills and the development of GPS archive; providing a crucial living link between current printmaking production and the history of printmaking in the West of Scotland.


Intaglio workshop

  • Facilities for steel, copper and zinc etching; engraving; photo etching and monotype.
  • Takach motorised etching press 42″ wide.
  • 2 x Rochat etching press 26″ wide.
  • 1 x PolyMetaal etching press 36″ wide.


Relief print workshop

  • Facilities for wood engraving and wood/lino cutting.
  • Columbian Eagle press 24″ x 36″.
  • Bewick and Wilson “Clydesdale” motorised press 42″ wide.


Screenprint workshop

  • Facilities for autographic, photographic and mono screenprinting.
  • Kippax vacuum table 44″ x 56″.
  • Kippax vacuum table 44″ x 56″.
  • Kippax vacuum table 58″ x 83″.
  • McCormack vacuum table 58″ x 83″.
  • 60″ x 80″ printdown frame with 3kw metal halide light source.


Digital imaging and print suite.

  • 1 x 27″ iMac Intel desktop computer
  • 1 x 24″ iMac Intel desktop computer
  • 1 x 21” iMac Intel desktop computer
  • 1 x large format (44″) Epson 9600 inkjet printer
  • 1 x large format (44″) Epson 9880 inkjet printer
  • 1 x large format (44″) Epson 9890 inkjet printer
  • 1 x large format (64″) Epson 11880 inkjet printer
  • 1 x A4 flatbed scanner + transparency adapter
  • 1 x A3 flatbed scanner
  • Shiraz RIP Server

For workshop members experience of digital processes is a requirement to use this facility, however also introductory classes can be arranged.

HPC Laser Cutter

For the cutting & engraving of wood, perspex and paper

For workshop members experience of laser cutting is a requirement to use this facility, however also introductory classes and 1:1 can be arranged.

Plate Making Darkroom

Specialist darkroom for photo-etching / photopolymer / photo-litho and cyanotype. Maximum plate size: 60cm x 80cm/60cm x 90cm for photopolymer)

Workshop services available include:

Digital Print Service
An exhibition quality large format digital printing service is available using the latest Epson pigment inks and a variety of fine art papers. Print onto acetate also available.

Editioning Service
Professional print production at a daily rate of £270 + VAT

Scanning Service

Up to A2

Steel Facing Service

Electroplating of copper etching plates offered as a service to members and the public.

Workshop Opening Hours

Currently our opening hours are reduced due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation

We are currently open 10.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and 10.30am – 9pm Thursday