Our spaces: North Lands Creative

North Lands Creative is an international centre dedicated to the study and development of glass as an art form that fosters a strong community among participating artists. The centre is a registered charity that offers both self-motivated and structured opportunities for artists, many of whom require large-scale facilities for their work, and who are looking to engage with their fellow artists.

Housed in a former 19th-century village school in a small fishing village overlooking the North Sea, the Alastair Pilkington Studio at North Lands Creative offers artists and creative professionals an opportunity to get away from everyday career pressures and the demands of 21st-century life in order to focus entirely on their artistic practice.

Our programme seeks to promote an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation, and the reflection that artists often need, by providing both a working environment that supports the artistic process, and the actual facilities required for artists to work and interact. The natural setting, the harbour and surrounding sea and landscape can offer inspiration and enhances the creativity of the artists who come to Lybster. At North Lands, artists have uninterrupted time for work and exploration.

North Lands Creative is a destination and lure for renowned glass artists as well as artists of all levels. I think it would be incredibly beneficial to be in this environment where there is such potential for the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

For artists, North Lands Creative engenders a stronger sense of community and the chance to create more opportunities for both artist-to-artist interaction and wider interaction between artists and the public.

The campus offers on-site accommodation, a hot shop, cold shop, kiln room, sandblasting room, mould room and a community studio, garden and gallery. We also offer a free shuttle pick up bus service to and from Inverness Airport, Bus and Train Station.

When you come to North Lands Creative, you can expect a professional service from a team that has years of experience in delivering an award-winning program. This experience includes a wealth of local knowledge, which can ensure your stay in Lybster is life changing.

For me visiting North Lands and Lybster is a precious event that I look forward to and see Lybster as my second home. I love the generosity and friendliness of local people and everyone at North Lands Creative, and love the scenery and culture.



The Alastair Pilkington Studio was first opened in July 2002 and extended in 2014, offers a light, bright and airy studio workshop space.

Pine-log Lodge providing accommodation for visiting artists, makers and community groups.

The well equipped state-of-the-art studio has:

  • general & mould area
  • hot shop
  • kiln room
  • sand-blasting room
  • air powered grinding tools
  • a lamp-working station which can be adapted to suit specific needs
  • cold working and finishing shop.

The workspace is available for seminars, meetings and other arts and crafts activities.

Facilities are designed to be user friendly for people with limited mobility.