Our spaces: Scottish Sculpture Workshop

Scottish Sculpture Workshop is a unique, rural site of collective learning and inquiry set up to support artists in the research and realisation of their ideas. Through our workshop facilities and curated programmes we enable the coming together of artists with other practitioners and the more-than-human. Together we build a dynamic, pedagogical environment that fosters curiosity & play and champion speculative inquires & experimentation in all aspects of what we do and how we do it.

We are a hub, a point of aggregation for local, national and international communities; for artists, technicians, craft folk, thinkers, families and young people to find each other and (re)connect with our diverse environment. SSW seeks to collectively find new ways of being together and, through this, both upset as well as expand traditional learning methods and art making and sharing practices.

“SSW is a gem, it’s an inspiring place to be working with incredibly dedicated staff and facilities”

Residency artist

SSW seeks to provide artists with a space where they can collectively make and explore their work outside of the dominant centres of cultural production. Through being within our intimate workshop environment we look to develop ways of moving towards post-fossil subjectivities, societies and aesthetics.



  • open plan shared studio
  • wood workshop
  • metal workshop
  • forge
  • foundry
  • cupolette furnaces (iron)
  • wax & ceramic shell
  • ceramics workshop
  • library
  • communities room
  • simple, self-catering accommodation