Our spaces: Street Level Photoworks

Street Level is a leading photography arts organisation that provides artists and the public with a range of opportunities to make and engage with photography.  We are a gallery and an open access photographic production facility with a commitment to quality and equality across activity. We provide a high quality artistic programme that is challenging and accessible, local and international, diverse and highly individual.

Our programme’s reach is also extended through a growing partnership network of local, regional and national venues that we provide exhibitions for. We also devise and deliver education and outreach projects in partnership with community based organisations and colleges. Alongside this we offer an on-going creative learning programme for the general public from our facility in Glasgow.  All these activities aim to forge pathways for lifelong learning and increase access to the arts for all who want to participate.

We support and showcase local talent and have a range of programmes aimed at supporting early career artists in their professional development.  We also work with International partners to deliver Residency opportunities for artists based in Scotland and to bring International talent to Glasgow.

We have a retail area selling photographic magazines, self-published zines and books, alongside editioned quality prints by artists both local and international. Visit our online shop for a selection of the work; a larger selection is available in-house.

We also offer a range of production services which include film processing, digital post production, b&w printing, neg scanning and image re-touching.

“Street Level invests in photographers of all stages and backgrounds in Scotland, developing on-going relationships that go beyond just one project. I think that’s really important, and demonstrates the deep commitment they put into supporting and sustaining the photography community in Scotland.”

Arpita Shah, artist

Street Level also manage the Photography Networks in Scotland online platform which was established in 2018 with the aim to strengthen networks and grow audiences for photography. It is a partner – along with Stills – in Photography Scotland which promotes an annual Season of Photography.   


Access to the facilities operates on a membership basis and includes:

Film Processing:

  • 2x temperature controlled process sinks for all film formats in Black & White
  • 1x Jobo ATL 1500 colour processor for all film formats C41 & E6

Traditional b&w darkroom with:

  • 6 x LPL Variable Contrast Constant exposure 7700 Enlargers printing 35mm – 6×7
  • 2 x DeVere for all formats 35mm – 5×4.
  • Maximum print size available 40”x30”, with possibility for giant enlargements
  • Split level temperature controlled sink
  • Dual basin rocking print washer
  • Archival print washer
  • Print drying facilities

Digital Suite:

  • 1 x Hasselblad X5 virtual drum film scanner
  • 1 x Epson 10000XL A3 flatbed scanner
  • 3 x iMac digital workstations with full Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere Pro etc. With 24″ 4.5k Retina display, Apple M1 chip, 16BG RAM and 1TB SSD
  • 1 x A2 Epson 4880 Archival inkjet printer

Dry Print finish:

Modular work surface to meet a variety of purposes with trimmers, cutting mats, light table and dry mount & hot vacuum press’

Photographic Studio:

  • 3 x 270cm Background paper (White/Grey/Black plus additional colours)
  • 3 x Bowens 400w Flash Heads
  • 4 x Daylight Balanced steady lights with softboxes
  • 2 x Neewer LED video light kit with full RGB colour output and barn doors
  • 1 x Firenze System 1000 large electric powered full height copy stand
  • 1 x Kaiser tabletop copy stand
  • Lighting modifiers with Bowens connection: Small reflectors, Softbox, Snoot, Beauty Dish
  • Flash Triggers and sync cable for digital and analogue cameras
  • Photo & video tripod



  • WiFi
  • Access to communal kitchen area with kettle, fridge, microwave and large accessible toilet with full length mirror for changing outfits.